Centre for Medical Science and Technology and Healthcare Equity

Ketua :

dr. Andre Somba Gugun Samosir, DHPE

Visi :

A better healthcare education, services, and technologies for people in Indonesia

Misi :

  1. To facilitate the development of medical and health-related sciences in UNPAR
  2. To generate meaningful discussion on relevant issues (as will be mentioned)
  3. To do continuing research within relevant areas
  4. To produce critical & relevant publications and teaching/educational materials, both for academics and the general public
  5. To foster cooperation both between institutions within UNPAR, and between UNPAR & external institutions
  6. To contribute ideas towards future studies and policy-making
  7. To promote shared understanding in healthcare problems 
  8. 8. To improve health equity amongst people within Indonesia

Tujuan :

To contribute to realising said vision and mission, in order to humanise human being and advance civilisation

Bidang Kajian :

  1. Medicine, including physical & mental health
  2. Public health, health behaviour, and healthy lifestyle
  3. Health sciences, e.g. nutrition science, environmental health, health informatics
  4. Biomedical science, biotechnology & translational medici
  5. Political, economic, and social aspects of health & healthcare 6. Legal & ethical aspects of health & healthcare