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Organizational Structure

Head of Research and Community Service Institute: Dr. Budi Husodo Bisowarno

Head of Administration: Matheus Setiyanto, S.Sos

Head of Finance Department: Sutinah

Community Service Coordinator: Aluisius Dwi Rachmanto, SH., MH

Staff of General Section: Maria F. Hanna, ST. (also as staff of Research and Finance)

Staff of General Section: Rita Suminar, S.Kom (also as staff of Journal Publication)


At the Research and Community Service Institute, a study center can be established with its function to coordinate and facilitate research and community service regarding certain matters. Since 2009, this Research and Community Service Institute has coordinated functionally with a study center and a research laboratory. The coordinated study centers are as follow:

  1. Economic Study Center / FACULTY OF ECONOMICS
  1. Centre for Policy and Management Studies / FACULTY OF SOCIAL DAN POLITICAL SCIENCES
  3. Parahyangan Centre for International Studies / FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES
  4. Parahyangan Centre for European Studies / FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES
  5. Centre for Cultural and Religious Studies / FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY
  6. Geotechnical Engineering Centre / FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
  7. Centre for Infrastructure, Water and Environment Management Studies / FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
  8. Centre for Transportation Studies / FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
  9. CoE for Small and Medium Industries / RESEARCH AND COMMUNITY SERVICE INSTITUTE
  10. CoE for Urban Infrastructure Development / RESEARCH AND COMMUNITY SERVICE INSTITUTE