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Universitas Katolik Parahyangan established a research institute in 1963, named the Scientific Research Institute. The institute was pioneered by Rama Prof. Dr. W. Hofsteede, OFM (deceased) and Drs. Tjandra Puradiredja. Since its establishment until 1965, the Scientific Research Institute respectively was headed by Drs. M.A.W. Brouwer and Dr. W.M.F. Hofsteede, OFM.

The Scientific Research Institute changed its name into Research Institute in accordance with the Rector’s Decree No.III/DPH/85/-12/799-1/Kpts/23 in 1985. This Research Institute has dual roles in conducting research activities and community service whose scopes are the following: (1) Planning and conducting both internal and external research; (2) Planning and implementing community service projects; (3) Increasing the number of educative and administrative staffs in the field of research; and (4) Supporting the development of research methodology and management of papers of third-year students. Dr. Mauro P. Rahardjo, MS., M.Arch, and Prof. Dr. Arief Sidharta, S.H. were the previous Heads of this Research Institute.

Started in 1995, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan established a Community Service Institute as separate from the Research Institute. The Research Institute describes the direction and research policy of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, namely: implementing, coordinating, and controlling the activities related to research which has been conducted by research centers and lecturers as well. Meanwhile, the Community Service Institute plays role in facilitating social changes in the community by implementing its main program in supporting local finance institutes or micro finance institutes. Under the leadership of P.C. Suroso, Drs. MSP.,Lic.Rer.Reg up until 2004, Community Service Institute conducted many research projects which were tested directly on the environment.

The Research and Community Service Institute as a combination of Research Institute and Community Service Institute was established in accordance with the Decree of UNPAR’s Foundation No. II/2004-12/037-SK on December 28, 2004. According to the decree, the principal functions of the Research Institute and Community Service Institute are coordinating and facilitating research and community service activities based on the vision and mission of UNPAR. As the first head, A.B.M. Witono, Ph.D. chaired the Research and Community Service Institute until 2007. Since January 2008, Budi H. Bisowarno, Ph.D. has headed the Research and Community Service Institute.