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DIKTI (Directorate General of Higher Education) Grant

According to the guideline for the Implementation of the Research and Community Service Institutes in Universities (IX Edition), these are several research schemes funded by DIKTI , namely:

A. Decentralization Research Grant

1) University Superior Research

2) Competitive Grant Research

3) Fundamental Research

4) Postgraduate Team Research

5) Intercollegiate Cooperation Research

6) Doctoral Dissertation Research

7) Junior Lecturer Research

B. National Competitive Research Grant

1) National Strategic Superior Research

2) University and Industry Priority Research

3) Foreign Cooperation Research and International Publication

4) Competency Research

5) National Strategic Research

6) Acceleration of Master Plan Research and the Expanding of Indonesia’s Economic Development

Research activity consists of several phases, namely: proposal submission, proposal selection, research processing, and a final report. Generally, in its guidance book, DIKTI describes a series of event, as follows:

Skema pengajuan dikti

Since UNPAR is regarded as a part of municipality, the proposal selection process of decentralization research is conducted / processed internally with the assistance from internal reviewers (UNPAR Lecturers) and external reviewers (UNPAR Non-Lecturers). On the other hand, the proposal selection process of National Competitive Research Grants is conducted centrally by DIKTI.