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According to the Rector’s Decree of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Number: III/PRT/2013-01/014, a book is defined as a scientific work written and compiled by experts in related fields, officially published and disseminated with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). There are six categories for books, namely:

  • Monograph Book: a book that consists of one topic or several related research topics published in a single edition and one volume (not in a series).
  • Reference Book: a book that is compiled and produced like a dictionary, encyclopedia, bibliography, and calendar in order to be used as sources to find out specific information and not for comprehensive reading.
  • Textbook: a book that consists of a subject textbook or learning material from a specific branch of science or study field, and is used at the university in order to obtained a certificate or degree.
  • Popular Knowledge Book: a book that consists of knowledge that is easily understood by common people.
  • Translated / Adapted Book: a book as a result of translating / adapting a book from a foreign language to Indonesian or vice versa.
  • Edited Book: a book as a result of content editing of a book by others to facilitate the understanding of readers.

Books Produced by UNPAR Lecturers

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